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True Care is committed to keeping trees and shrubs healthy in Wilsonville, OR! Whether you need simple stump removal, stump grinding, tree & shrub pruning, tree & shrub trimming or want to talk about tree nutrients being applied, we can help.  Our expert arborist can also help with tree insect and disease diagnosis, care, and treatment. The difference when you call on True Care for tree service is that we are specialists that focus on the good health of trees and shrubs. If you do not have a professional caring for your trees, you risk tree loss and damage if they are not cared for properly.


A Certified Arborist


The difference at True Care is that you are dealing with a certified arborist that loves trees and that has an expanded knowledge base when it comes to how to help trees and shrubs thrive. Plant health care changes when you are an expert in the field. An arborist can help with:


• Tree disease treatment options

• Tree insect treatment options

• Tree growth regulators

• Emergency shrub services


Trees require specialized care. Irregular feeding can be dangerous to their health. Insects and diseases can be a danger to their vitality, and even excessive growth on large trees, can be dangerous to their health and your family’s safety. An expert eye that is highly trained can easily treat your trees for disease, insects, and help to regulate growth. We put a lot of time and care into the process, to ensure we give your trees and shrubs the same care we would give our own.


Don’t leave the health of your trees in just any hands. Choose the company that focuses on tree health, plant health and a beautiful landscape that you can enjoy. Contact us and let us work our magic on your shrubs & trees!

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